Currently, I am only allowing dwarf, elf, and killoren characters (the killoren are natives) and nobody can be the same sub-race. This is to prevent the extinction of that race and keep an incentive for the players to “unlock” new characters (“good” and “evil”) who may or may not stay near the Ark once freed of their suspended animation. All my pre-generated characters are created using the 32-pt. “elite” build, having been chosen as good genetic stock. They are also all the favored class of that race. Multi-classing is actually encouraged later on for most. However, those still in suspended animation are all different starting classes from each other within that race. None of a given race are “related” to each other, to keep the inbreeding to a minimum starting off.

Killoren characters can be any class and you don’t need to choose a pre-generated character. However, you will be given the option to roll your stats with me or default to the “standard” 28-pt. build. Keep in mind that the more mucking up of the environment these new “settlers” do, the more strained their relationship with these foreigners will become.

Our story begins when you awake from a magical sleep, having been in suspended animation for a journey through space in an ark fleeing a destiny of armageddon on the world of Oerth. Zeroing in on an essentially terrestrial planet with two moons, it is damaged during the re-entry and crash lands in the middle of one of the larger continents, a mass of twisted metal with its passenger chambers and magic still intact. The wreck came to rest spanning a river at the edge a forest with plains to the north and hills to the east.

The “captain” of the crashed vessel is an intelligent Construct named Mech Spanner, immune to the protective wards placed on every suspended animation chamber. It tells you it is the only one who can release the others on the ship and uses the rest of your race as a bargaining chip for you to establish “settlement zones.” Only the long-lived races are released initially, because it is not known how long this might take. The more powerful races are not released yet, because Spanner seeks to maintain a balance among the humanoids. As areas become secure for inhabitation, other races are released from their slumber, including the shorter-lived ones. Spanner never leaves the wrecked ship, but nobody knows if this is because it can’t or because it does not need to.

Prehistoric Pryst